Emulsion oils Acrylonitrile - Butadiene NBR

The synthetic rubber emulsion Acrylonitrile Butadiene NBR, due to its polar nature, provides an exceptional chemical resistance against solvents, grease or oil to the rubber parts that are manufactured with these materials. Its main field of action is in the automotive industry and manufacture of seals, rollers and components that will be in contact with non-traditional chemicals. Quimipol, leader in the distribution of rubber NBR has the international leading brand "PARACRIL", with a wide variety of products in presentations ranging from bales to powder product, which will adjust to the technical needs of each application for each user.

We also offer the product line "PARACRIL-OZO" designed specifically for high performance applications, where in addition to the aforementioned characteristics of the NBR Hules, high abrasion resistance is included for industrial applications such as heavy duty cable lining for mines and oil industry, sole for industrial footwear, etc.

Line Products
Nitryle Butadiene Rubber NBR AJLT

Nitryle Butadiene Rubber NBR BJLTM 30

Nitryle Butadiene Rubber NBR BJLTM 40

Nitryle Butadiene Rubber NBR BJLTM 50

Nitryle Butadiene Rubber NBR BLTM 80

Nitryle Butadiene Rubber NBR CJLT



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