Thermoplastic rubber solution S-SBR

We supply the line of polymerized products in S-SBR solution in the world leading brand "SOLPRENE", with an excellent variety of compositions and viscosities. The main characteristic of these products is that they have properties similar to Emulsion SBR, combined with thermoplastic properties typical of solution products. Based on these characteristics, these products are widely used in the modification of road and waterproofing asphalts, sealants and in most adhesive formulations, both Hot Melt and Solvent based on the market. Some of these products are also specific for use as impact modifying additives for various plastics, both in physical mixture due to their thermoplastic nature and in reaction, from which new products are polymerized. Their structures also contain "double bonds", which, like natural rubber, allows them to be subjected to traditional vulcanization processes based on sulfur and accelerating agents when used in conjunction with other vulcanizable polymers.

Line Products
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