Synthetic rubber, polybutadiene (PBD) Within the family of synthetic rubbers in Quimipol the medium CIS polybutadiene is available, various industrial applications such as in shoe soles formulation, impact modified blends with polypropylene or polystyrene, in the manufacture of tires, adhesives, automotive components, rugs, flooring, composites, etc. The remain double bond of the butadiene molecule brings properties for their vulcanization using sulfur and accelerating agents, use of plasticizers and oils make these materials a better flow in applications gaps are required, often reinforcing agents are used as carbon black or silica materials also available at QUIMIPOL portfolo, crosslinking using sulfur and accelerating agents, plasticizers and oils make these special materials maintain a consistency in applications, It can be used alone or in mixtures with SBR to handle the required hardness in the compound.

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