Thermoplastic rubber from SEBS solution

We have the product line of SEBS solution of the leading brand in the market "CALPRENE", these products also have thermoplastic behavior, but unlike the SBS, do not contain double bonds in the elastomeric block, so they have high resistance to attack of external agents such as ozone, ultraviolet light and some solvents, in addition to which makes them highly compatible with polymers of the polyolefin type such as polypropylene and polyethylene. These characteristics make them ideal to be used especially in applications where high resistance to weathering is required, such as sealers, automotive parts such as profiles, parts of the board, as well as sporting goods, grips and soft touch compounds for tool handles, appliances, footwear gel insoles, personal care accessories and medical use, decorative gel type candles, etc. They also present an excellent performance as impact resistance modifiers for products such as polypropylene. Another important feature of the SEBS is its high oil absorption capacity, since it is much higher than that of the SBS, which generates very attractive balances of properties and costs for each of the applications in which it is used.

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